ImaGem Inc. is a gem information company based on patented technology for grading and identifying gems.

ImaGem pioneered objective diamond grading technology for measurement of color, clarity, light behavior, brilliance, sparkle, intensity, proportions, alignment and symmetry in 2000.

ImaGem is the culmination of 20 years of research done on human perception and ImageStatistics, a powerful statistical tool developed by Dr. Aggarwal.

ImaGem’s Systems employ advanced optics, imaging technology and proprietary software programs to automate and integrate diamond grading.

Beyond providing the 4C’s, ImaGem also supplies Light Behavior information based on precise and repeatable measures three complimentary dimensions of brilliance, intensity and sparkle. Another breakthrough by ImaGem is the capability to uniquely identify and register a stone without any need for inscription. By offering all this information, ImaGem will improve decision-making and efficiency in the gem industry supply chain.

ImageStatistics was incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, USA in 1998. The vision of the company is to be a leader in cutting edge technology in the field of data analysis and statistical modeling. ImageStatistics offers applications in imaging and image processing for the medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, chemicals and quality assurance industries. Click here for more information on ImageStatistics.